So I really want a job this summer of '08 because I have to pay for my driving classes (and if at all possible buy a good tube amp like the B-52 AT-100) and test and all that for my permit since I'm turning 16 next summer of '09 and I plan to take the classes right when I'm 15 1/2 which is the youngest you can be.
So here's my info. I'm going to be 15 this summer and my grades were decent last semester, had a 2.8 but that's because I was tired from football all the time. This year I'm not playing so I'm sure I could pull off a 3.5. Now my principal told me last summer you don't need a work permit if you're getting a job while school isn't in session.
I live in California, just thought you'd need to know that because different states have different laws. Help, thoughts? Thanks
PS If someone could also help me with the whole getting my permit process so I'll be prepared ahead of time.
PPS Yes, I use to word "so" a lot and I thought it'd be easier reading if I broke it up into paragraphs.
I think you should just pick up some job applications and see if there's a minimum req., or you could go for one of those self-run businesses, like mowing lawns.
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id stay start an independent job, you get paid better
if youre pretty good at guitar, give lessons, you can make like 10 an hour or more
I don't believe you can, as I tried last year, being 15 then. I'm definetely getting a job this summer. Hopefully at the OC fair, and after that, I'm going to apply for a job during the school year. Don't know where yet though. And good luck with the driving class. I haven't finished yet. Lol, Take a buddy.
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what the **** is a 3.5?
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i do believe you'll need a work permit. those aren't hard to get. your best bet is to try to get a job before summer starts. most stores hire for longer periods of time than just the summer (a lot of retail stores' work periods are 6 months, and they pretty much only hire before the beginning of one of those periods. usually it's january through july, august through december..thus if you wait until summer, even if offered a position you won't start until late). and if you wait until summer you get to battle the massive hordes of college students who are older, more educated, and (probably) have more work experience.