im selling my peavey 5150 with its cab. For 1400 AUD which is rougly 1200 ish USD???

i have my reasons for selling it, i would like to keep it but its jsut im not in a band and i only play in my bedroom anyway and i wont' have time to use it to its full potential anyway and if i wanted another one i'll buy anotehr one later

So i got 1400
im thinking of buying a boss gt-8 i can get one for 500AUD
so i got 900 and maybe buying a RR5 i really want one of those

Or i could also sell my schecter hell rasier on top of that so i have 2300 to spend
that is a defintae MAYBE im not too sure on that atm thou

Anyone got any other suggestion on how to spend it

I play Metal, Metalcore, Metal etc etc dont 'need anythign cleanish
i have a SeymoreDuncan Tube amp that is alirght
that sick that you have a duncan amp i gotta 84-40(head version) they are pretty nice, not too many of em out there...the clean channel is based on a fender 68 deluxe reverb, not exactly a metal core amp though
too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless
Quote by phungar
yea hence the gt-8 i can use the amp modulations on it

Wait for GT-10 if your going to spend a full price on GT-8. However, if your really sure you want GT-8, i would recommend bargaining first to get a less 30% off or maybe 50% if your good.
hhaha yea thats used thou
500 is pretty decent cuase thigns are more expensive here
yea but i'll get my rr-5 from america im hoping i really want one