Ok heres the situation. I'm about to buy a Palomino V8 from guitar center online, probably tonight. Its only $160 and right now Im pretty broke and really shouldnt be getting it. I've been playing for 9 months and have had this POS crate GTD15 that sounds like a fart. I cant stand it anymore I have to get a better amp. Just something that I can enjoy playing for awhile until I can afford something better. I dont want a loud amp just a practice amp in my room that sounds good until I improve my playing and want something better. So now the question to you guys is should I buy it? Will I regret this buy? Am I gonna get the Metal,Tone and harmonics I want out of this amp? My other current gear is A Ibanez RG2ex1, DS-1, Bad Monkey, Mxr 10 band. Thanks,Matt

Palomino V8

i have one..
mine sounds a little thin..
but i read about people changing to JJ tubes.

it sounds good..
i havnt really got a good chance to crank it yet.

distortion is very light not a chug chug kinda palm muted dsitortion

can get some good blues tones out of it.
or classic rock
Heh, you ordered it before I could give you my 2 cents!

Which is fine, because I'd say go for it. Probably the best and most toneful amp in that price range, and one of the better low-cost tube amps for metal. I was just playing one yesterday at GC with a Tele while I was waiting for something. Really, really nice mid-gain tones on that thing.
I'll let you guys know what I think when I get it. Hopefully monday!!! You guys think I should keep my Bad Monkey or get a TS-9?
i think you should wait until your amp comes and you try the bad monkey through it before you even think about getting another od. you need to figure out where your needs are with your amp. you might not need anything else at all. you might want something that gives you a bit more gain. you might want something that has a bit of a mid-hump..or something that doesn't. you might find the v8 doesn't get you the metal tones you want at all and you'll need to return it. wait and see.