i've just started messing around with this tonight, i'm new to writing and need as much input as possible. Any help would be appreciated. And i'm trying to figure out how to end this also

-Long Day/Cut Short-

Just laid in bed with dreams running all around my head
The alarm goes off so I throw the damn thing off my bed
This is how it started yeah this is how it began.
I started out thinkin’ that today would never end

I’m off to school, yeah I walk to the bus
But on my way, my bitch she starts to fuss
I try to calm her down she says it’s all your fault
I said I wouldn’t have done it, if I knew I was gonna get caught

Now I’m sitting in class, the teacher calls me out
She says now son, what’s this all about
I look at her desk and say that is wasn’t me
Excuse me Miss teacher, will you please let me be

When this all started I thought here we go again
I’ve had a long day, I don’t know where to begin
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interesting..... a lil country feeling from the lyrics...but, put to the right instrumental would make a good feel good rock song.... (not sure what tone you're going for)

but the chorus is gonna be the clincher....something catchy....i'd break those 3 'verses' up with a real sing a long chorus something people can shout

then end with the final 2 lines you wrote
i'm having trouble coming up with something for a chorus...any help?
Fender Fat Strat (Arctic White w/ maple neck)
Alvarez AD62SC
Vox AD30VT