Ok so Ive been playing for about 3 years and I cna say ive improved alot, and have some fast picking, (alternate). Ok so right now im kinda stuck.... i want to improve even more, I want cleaner picking and sound. Any of you guys know good exercises to get you up to speed a bit more. Im in this routine of where Im learning a song and I learn the main riff and then I wanna move to another...I can never fnish a full song I guess becuz i wanna avoid the hard parts. I wanna stop taht though becuz I don't think i can play a full song yet >_>. Also I wanna ask is hand size a factor in playing guitar? Don't get me wrong I can play some stuff taht requires you to stretch.. but some songs requires you to do it repedetly and that get me tired. Im starting to think my small hands may be a factor to me improving. Also do you gusy know any good songs I could learn that would also help me improved, some intermediate stuff. I never used a metrnome btw, and I never tried sweeping. Thanks God Bless