something i wrote up quick after a dream the other night. its not really complete but i might end up expanding it.

That morning everything seemed like a normal school day,
grabbed my books got out on my way.
Pushed through the doors, gave some friends a wave,
while chalkboard teacher yelled to behave.

Ridin the elevator up a few floors,
Stoppin at 7 hoppin out the door,
Lookin back now, i'm not quite sure,
exactly when i noticed the brains, blood and gore.

Stepped into the hallway, and to my chagrin,
heard some screamin,
louder than sin.
Turning with fright, i saw such a sight,
i couldn't ignore.
A zombie.
Zombies on the 7th Floor!
Finish it, I'm liking it so far(I'm a living dead fan so this may be a little partial) and would love to see the finished product.
Amazed to see someone use the word 'chagrin', don't see it thrown around very much these days. The only issue I have is with the first stanza and its style. "grabbed my books got out on my way" seems off, better wording needed there. Also "while chalkboard teacher yelled to behave" seems a little incohearant, you can put something there that is much better.

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othats some great lyrics right there. may I suggest that you finish it with how you pulled a gun out of your pack and shoot tha stinky ghoul right in the head? or maybe smash it with somethin heavy.