my friend if any one would believe it is, is having some ****ed up dreams about this chick that he doesn't know. but in the dreams everything works out perfect with her but he doesn't know who she is and it's scrueing with his life. he feels like he knows her if he stars at some chick she actually turns n to her then with a stereotypical blink its the original person. any ideas? besides that obvious theres some chick in a dream and she's perfect
If it's that big a problem, tell him to hit up a shrink. something tells me the pit will do more hurt than help.
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your friend is having sex dreams about your mother and doesn't want to tell you?
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But really, asking the pit for relationship advice is like asking a girl with braces for a blowjob. Ouch.

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Tell your friend to get a Dreality machine. It turns dreams into reality. They go for about 50 bucks on ebay.
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Tell your friend to get a Dreality machine. It turns dreams into reality. They go for about 50 bucks on ebay.

I googled it.

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well my opinion is he might be crazy secondly i have a dream i would like to discuss.ok im 14 and i go to high school.here is the dream.my friend and i are sitting vertically from each other and the hottest girl in school is passing out papers and her pants are unzipped and unbuttoned she gets to us and her pants go down me and my bud look but all we see is this big ass upside down dick he starts puking i run up to the middle school barf on the principal and tell everyone in school bout it.
tell him to become lucid in his dream (look up lucid dreaming on wiki) and ask her who she is
acutly i had a dream like rock clown but it was my guy friend and he had boobs (rly rly nice ones) and to tell u the truth i never rly look at him the same
Just an FYI, all this "dream interpretation" stuff is uncommonly used in psychological treatment. Psychoanalysis isn't the most "scientific" to say the least. TS's guy has a good reason to see a shrink though, seeing as it's actually messing the guy's life up.
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lol thats kinda messed up but idk mine might be worse though but also now im paranoid about all women before i ask a girl out i have to ask them if they are a shim.
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your friend is having sex dreams about your mother and doesn't want to tell you?

thats it!!!

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I think the TS will know what to do next

Its actually really strange if you see people in your dream that you havent seen in videos, rl and such. I saw an brunette chick like a year ago whos name was kathleen, the thing is i do not know any person named kathleen or anyone who looks like her so
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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Tell your friend to grow some balls and become an abusive alcoholic like everyone else in this situation.
Uhh, my interpretation...

Your friend is having engagement issues with people. He probably feels like that he doesn't really connect to anyone. The girl in the dream could symbolize that he wants to find something that will make his life full, but he hasn't found it yet. His subconcious is taking over and is now trying to help him, (but unfortunately break at the same time) and is trying to implant the idea that he needs a girl to fufill this need.

Unfortunately, since humans have instincts, the mind tries to cure the person but only makes things worse.