...also, if I only play at low volumes, will the sound not be that great? Don't want the 30 b/c I'm trying to keep it as small as possible since I'm just playing for fun.
Not really, the valvetronix is amazing for jazzy/bluesy tones, but the high gain modelled amps are not that great. My friend has to use a distortion pedal to get something heavy out of it, on the 100 watts version.

If you're playing for fun, the spider III should do it.

Well, firstly, I wouldn't consider Maiden to be a super highgain tone. With high output pickups you'll be playing maiden and heaver with no problems with the UK80s. I play heavy metal on it (like, from 80's to modern death) on the "US High Gain" setting, which is essentially modeled after a supercharged Marshal Plexi (Soldano SLO)
Personally, I never liked my VT for high gain Marshall sounds, or any of the modern sounds. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't spectacular or anything. It should sound just as good at low volumes, since it is basically solid state.
Spider IIIs aren't any better though. And the cleans are way worse.

edit: the ad15 has an 8" speaker right? Not sure how that would affect it, I've only played ad30s.
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it would do alright for practive
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How are the Marshall sounds on this compared to an MG15DFX? Particularly the 80's UK?
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How are the Marshall sounds on this compared to an MG15DFX? Particularly the 80's UK?

The MG sounds like a piece of crap, NOT like a Marshall.

The AD15 could definetly do Maiden without problems at all.
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