Ok so I'm looking around for a solid state with great cleans, now obviously my best option would be a jazz chorus, but it's a bit out of my price range. I'm looking for 100ish watts probably- I want a bit more then I'll need most of the time. I play some funk stuff with horns so I want mass volume on demand. My Deluxe Reverb will remain my lead tone, I just want loud cleans for chord work and such. So any suggestions?
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Roland JC-120 is your best bet. Save your pennies...
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i hear some fender solid state amps arent half bad

They're fine clean. Sounds horrible distorted, though.
A Fender Princeton Chorus is best cleans I have ever heard on a SS amp


If I'm not supposed to put an ebay link up jsut tell me
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probably something like a fender fm212 dsp. pretty inexpensive for how good they sound, clean and dirty.

Horrible dirty tone. Slightly better than average cleans, barely.
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Gibson Lab series are awesome, find a 3 or 5 series on Ebay, you can get one for 3-400 sometimes.
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Used JC-120's can get down towards $500 on CL. Keep your eyes open for a deal on what you really want.

DId you see the post above, they can go lower than 400.. though not on CL, but who knows where the guy who post this is from, it doesnt show on his user file