i guess you could say mostly progressive and death metal mixed, was mostly messing around with odd time sigs and such but i might work on it some more when i get back to recording again. the song already goes from a meshuggah feel (though fails compared to them..) to what could be built into a good epic section. i still am yet to add guitar melodies over the rhythms (mostly bridge and possibly chorus/pre sections), and i might add strings here and there as well.

only took me like an hour to write so.. i know theres a few rough spots (feel free to point out). more interested in the direction and structure i could take this random bit of art.

GP4/GP5/MID: Coup De Grace.zip

and yeah some of the time sigs are a bit.. strange. its awkward writing say.. 7/4 with 6 and 4 polyrhythm.
Liking it so far, the polyrhythm makes it sound a little off-beat, but then again, that's what it's supposed to do.

It's all pretty good, even without the melodies... Does get a bit repetitive, but vocals could probably fix that.

The transition to the outro needs to be fixed.

Meh, that's all I can really say right.
its really repative

but it has a good sound

and makes a great base

id say
-lead guitar track
-vocal track
-youve got piano in there, fill up the track
-mabey some like synth tracks [square, sawtooth, and a few synth rythm things]
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"youve got piano in there, fill up the track" mostly for figuring out melodies or to fill where vocals would go. i always have a piano where i have guitar tracks as a writing tool. plus.. never know when piano fits a part

but im thinking more piano and ensemble/violin in the 2nd half of the song and just building it way up.

im kinda glad in a way it comes off as repetitive, even though originally i intended a sporatic song, having room for vocals is my weak point and needing vocals to make the song work shows ive at least made progress. i might look to adding a few fills and such throughout the song, and feels like i should do more at the bridge without having a bridge just drag on. kinda going for the whole huge buildup at bridge then go into the chorus again and strong outro.

its kinda my goal to make it sound like 'some typical technical song' but then surprise people as the song develops from tech to catchy to epic without losing any previous elements.