Okay im i just joined a band,Im using

Amp:Crate 212
Guitar:Stagg les paul copy
Effects:Zoom g something g string? idk.

But the thing is i only have 326 bucks exactly and no job,so i don't know what i should upgrade first.I was thinking guitar,something useable, then spend alot more on an amp later on when i get a job.

The band im in plays Metalcore.
get an ibanez RG model or something
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hmm.. the amp is fine, maybe go with the new guitar idea man.
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I have the same crate as you methinks...GT212. It's good enough for now and has the power to play live. I'd look into a guitar for sure.
I would save up until you had at least $500 before you start looking at a new guitar. Otherwise you're just going to get another low or low-mid level guitar, and won't really notice a lot of improvement.
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go for something like a ibanez RG, you can get them for about that much, maybe a little more, but without a job, surely your parents would throw $20 or something in?
i was thinking of olp jp sig for 250. Any opinons?Its basswood which is still pretty good for a cheap guitar.