I just bought my wah pedal (original crybaby, and yes i know everyone seems to hate it here but i was on a tight budget) anyways it was working fine and now when i turn it on and sweep i get a whoosh sound with little or no wah. I have everything plugged properly and a new battery and i know how to turn it on/off so its not that. Any ideas?

Hey Shawn,
I have the same pedal and it lasted about a month or so and the same thing happened to me, except mine turned into more of a volume pedal for some reason.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it is because of a little fuse on the inside. You can get them replaced at a guitar shop usually or do it yourself. I haven't fixed mine yet because I borrowed one from a friend who never uses his.

After you get it fixed, you can try to customize the sweep a little bit by taping some nickels under the heel part of the pedal, that way it only goes back so far, etc.

Hope that helps.
It should still be under warranty so ill bring it back and see what they tell me... also i heard the originals are good for modding like you said and im looking for a morello ish tone. So i was wondering if i should just bring it back and get a classic or get a new original and mod it?

also thx f1sk for the reply
whoosh sound? does the volume change? does the treble response change?

if the output is low, then the .22uF cap might not connected to the output. if the output is normal, and the volume changes but not the tone, then your 4.7uF cap is bad. if the output is normal and the volume doens't change, but the treble response changes, bad inductor.
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If only i had a way to record it i would show you. The volume is the same on/off. When you play nothing and rock the pedal up/down it does the whoosh sound same for low notes. When you play high notes you get some wah but the whoosh is still detectable.