i was in cash converters today and they had zenon les pauls. they looked solid and were about 260$ aus. they any good, might just get one to muck around with
I've been checking out guitars at cash converters for years and the Zenon brand is a very fine quality guitar in my opinion. I bought a Les Paul copy for my son and an Ovation acoustic/electric for myself. They come in a box with a lead and a hex key to adjust the neck.

I usually spend a lot of time examining the quality of the workmanship on guitars and the types of wood they are made from. The Les Paul copy has exactly the same wood and weight as the $5,500 Les Pauls sold at the music store nearby. The tiger stripe grain in the wood is identical as well, so it's obviously an identical copy of the more expensive brand. And the sound !!! Wow!! It is superb.

The Ovation copy sounds exactly like my authentic Ovation bought in the states, and the quality of workmanship and the wood is perfect.

The Les Pauls at Cash Converters had a recommended retail price of $500 originally, according to the store person.

I've been checking out Les Pauls on Youtube and there are lots of different ones all with different sounds. A lot depends on your amp and playing style. A musical person can make a cheap instrument sound incredible.

Also I've found that with a cheaper instrument you can practice harder because you're not so afraid of breaking it etc, and so your playing improves faster.

I've been searching the web for Zenon Guitars and there is very little said about them. I think that is because they are from Japan or somewhere like that and they have no english websites.

I bought a Suzuki classical guitar from Cash Converters as well for 35 bucks and it had a piece missing from the machine head and broken strings. After spending 10 bucks on a new set of machine heads and 10 on new strings the guitar is one of the best I've seen. It's got deep dark mahogany wood on the back and sides and a lighter spruce on the top. The neck is perfectly straight after 40 years since it was made. It truly is a gem and because it was so cheap I find I have a lot more fun playing it and my playing is improving very fast. It's also got a unique shape compared to other classicals. It's the same size but it is more of a work of art than the usual ones. It looks like it came straight out of an old painting or somewhere surreal.

But back to the Les Paul copy. The one I bought for my 21 year old son recently is perfect as far as I can tell, and we visit the music store nearby and see identical ones for 5 grand. Like I said earlier the wood grain is unique and identical and the weight is the same. Also the workmanship, finish and pickups seem flawless.

I think that like most things people want to pay more for an expensive brand name even though they can get an identical product made by a different brand much cheaper.

All the people I saw on youtube comparing brands of guitars usually said they are more or less identical but the more expensive brands will hold their value and so they are a better choice. In other words they are more interested in the brand name than the quality of the instruments which are basically the same.

Zenon is a high quality brand as far as I can tell, and like I said I have been examining guitars closely for a long time. The wood is first class and everything else is high quality.

Also Zenons come with the highest quality strings you can buy in the normal range. So that tells you the company likes to do things the best way.
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that's Xenon...
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Quote by Simonwalker
that's Xenon...

I know it is [Xeon], which is why i said it sounds like a name they would give, not a name they have given
Actually it's Xeon...

Anyways, play the guitar, if the sound and feel are there then get it. THat's the only way to be sure.

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Woops typo there. But yeah try the guitars out and compare them to other in the price range. If you're happy with it give it a try. I think most guitar shops have a certain money-back time so you can see if you really like it.
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LOL I got a zenon acoustic as well and I also got it from cash converters. It was $130 and it's not the best guitar brand but for what I paid I think it's pretty good
Got a Zenon Les paul copy from cash converters (Only place people find them much?)
for 100 buks (Aus)
Soooooo nice
Plays really nice
Anyone know what its pickups are?
They are good but i might change them out... there not hot enough for me
I Play C# With a Dropbed B XD sooo need different pickups... there good just not quite what i need

Still anyone know what they are?
Might put them in my ashton :P

And to the people who argue they are crappy versions of gibsons
ive played a few gibsons in stores that are worth 1000's of dollars
and none of them feel as nice as this "Cheap knock off" 100 dollar beauty Does