Ok, not a big question here.
I have a music solo performance coming up soon and I am wanting to play a Mastodon song.
I was leaning towards performing either Crystal Skull or The Wolf is Loose, as they're both fun to play.
Are there any other songs by them I should learn to play so I can perform it that's going to wow my audience?
Mastodon only please.
Yo bro.
crap I can't remember the name of it, is it Capilarian crest? whatever the solo one off that album is, its not that hard to play and there are good tabs for it out there
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are you playing with a band or are you just playing by yourself on stage?

Myself in a lecture theater.
Yo bro.
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Myself in a lecture theater.

Aqua Dementia. Its epic, sounds cool, and easy.

Try Seabeast too, thats a wonderful song.

The Wolf is Loose is a good choice.
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The wolf is loose has some great guitar parts, same with blood and thunder, colony of birchmen or crystal skull

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Sleeping Giant has to be the most ear friendly mastodon imo.
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March of the Fire Ants, Megalodon, Blood and Thunder, Seabeast, or Colony of Birchmen would also be good calls.
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go with March of The Fire Ants or Ol'e Nessie....not alot of people like Ol'e Nessie, but its really technical, which is why i really like Mastodon...but then again, March of the Fire Ants has like one of the funnest breaks to play, when me and my band play March of The Fire Ants, i like explode in musical enthusiasm in the break.
i think it would better to play the wolf is loose with a band with all those sweet drum lines but it still would be good just guitar i guess
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No one's recomended Bladecatcher yet? That would own at some stuck up music recital!

Has awesome guitar **** in there, you'd pwn everyone.

There are no tabs for it lol.
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Capillarian Crest ftw. the instrumental section in the middle is f*cking insane. my jaw drops every time I listen to it
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March of the Fire Ants FTW
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