Hi everyone, I'm new to the UG forums here and I wanted to ask all of you about recording guitar videos on sites for such as Youtube and others. Right now I am recording my guitar playing with a computer webcam and I use my amp and let the webcam detect my sounds the amp gives off. But when I listen to my video it doesn't sound as good as I heard before. I want the kind of sound that people make when they play the song I'm Alright by Neil Zaza. Im trying to get that kind of sound on my recordings but I'm having a hard time. People say I should use a pedal such as the Zoom G2, Zoom G2.1, or a Behringer V-AMP 2 to improve the quality of sounds and to record directly. All of this confuses me so could anyone help me on this? What pedal would you prefer as well? If you could that would be awesome.

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