I purchased a new Breedlove Atlas AD25/SR Plus from the Guitar Center and I love it. It's a big step up from what I started with. I am wanting to know how to go about lowering the strings so they are closer to the fret board. They are about the right distance on the first few frets, but after coming down the neck, they seem to have a steep rise on them. Should I just take it to a local luthier, or is this something that i can do at home?
I've been hearing some good things about breedlove lately, and I was wondering if they are really as good as people say? Do you, or anyone else who owns one really think they are on the same level as Taylor?
It sounds like you need to lower the action at the saddle.

Here's a tutorial:



Breedlove is equal with Taylor, imo. They make great higher-end guitars, and their 500-1000 dollar guitars own Taylor.

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I havent been playing long at all, so my ear isn't in tune with someone that has been doing it for years. I played both the Breedlove and Taylor side by side and they sound the same to me. They both had the sitka spruce top with the rosewood sides and back. I love it so far. BTW, the BL was about $1000 cheaper to and the case is 10xs nicer.
You're going to want to be really careful with lowering the action on a Breedlove. They incorporate a special item into the interior of the guitar called a JLD bridge truss. Not all models have it, but the ones that do are all set up to take this into account. Your best bet is to have a Breedlove tech do the job for you. They'll be the most qualified and experienced to tackle a job like this.
yeah be careful, i had a breedlove and it sounded awesome when first got, it but over time, i had problems, my friend bought the same guitar i did, and is having the same problems after having it set up. I ended up trading it in for my Martin DC-16 Aura. The sound went thin on me and no matter what i did I couldn't get the tone back. (Took it to the shop, changed the kind of strings) But yeah, it was a GREAT guitar the first few months.
For what I paid, I feel like I got a really nice guitar. If for any reason it does start goin' south, it's going back and will be replaced with a higher end Taylor.