Ok so i got my first tube amp Kustom 36 coupe, and im retubing it with 2 SED winded c 6l6gcs and 4 tung sol 12axls, anyways i wanted to see if i had a bias switch in the back of my amp, and i notice all i can see is 2 6l6s and 4 empty sockets where the 12axls are suppose to be, btw i bought this on ebay....uhh can this damage the amp in any way by using it?
they're 12AX7s.

you don't have the preamp tubes in there now? that means u can't play the amp... if you turn it on without a tube, it'll damage the amplifier. if you didn't get the tubes in there, then that's a fraud (if the seller didn't mention the tubes aren't in there).
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oh yea sorry and no theres none at all, and the sound hasnt changed since i first plugged in i didnt even think of checking lol