As i am sure many of you are gamers (and no, this does not belong in the game thread) it is time i brought something for you. For many years i have used the internet (surprise!) and have played many games on this interweb. One such site which i believe rates highly among any free websites is http://www.randomthoughts.net .

The site is dedicated to content and not to silly addictive games which you will find all over the web. Their games (created by a small cabal of gamers) might not be world of warcraft but they are if nothing else similar to that game. And i daresay better than WoW in many respects. Their games are FREE! There is a 'premium' membership but it is not necessary to play any of their games. In their recent past they have had over 300,000 different users online. But a storm came and shattered their glory. It is up to you my fellow gamers to goto this website not out of necessity but of want. Their games are quality, not quantity. Their newest games have better graphics than almost any free online game i have seen ever.

There are currently constant updates and a new (amazing i'm sure) game coming out in the near future. Bookmark this site! Play their games! This is not a message by any of their developers. This is a message by a gamer who has enjoyed their site for years. Without us there would be no games, as there would be no games without developers.

And to top it all off, not only can you play their games but you influence what games get made and what order they arrive in. They have an online chat room and a message board where you speak with the developers. This website if for gamers by gamers. This site truly is different. Stay tuned for their updates. It will be worth it.
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errr.. people don't get paid to tab out songs.. its just by ear transcriptions most of the time, why don't you do it yourself?

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i tune to drop-Z and string my guitar with barbed wire.

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