Hey guys,

About 2 months ago I was playing basketball, pulled my right shoulder muscle holding onto the hoop. Then I went home, sat infront of my pc in my cold air-conditioned room which I had been living in 24/7 since I had it installed 2 weeks prior (QLD summer sucks).
I played the guitar for an hour or two even though it was a bit uncomfortable from the injury earlier that day. Then later at night in the same cold room I played a First person shooter game called counter-strike for hours on end, that's when I felt the first bit of pain which was like coming from the base of my right thumb (mouse hand). That big joint at the base is were the pain was coming from but I persevered - played a bit more that night and then again the following day I played the game and felt the same pain.

Since then my pick holding thumb just feels a slight bit weaker when im playing my guitar, its not like - OUCH **** THIS HURTS sort of pain, it's dull and mild but it's just there and so aggravating. So recently I've started wearing a wrist splint and am not playing games anymore.

What do you think my problem is? Anyone have any first hand experience with something like this? How long does it take to heal?

Hope you can help.
yeah, it's rsi, it takes about a week for me, but it depends on the person and the depth of injury
The pit's where it's at! I was just wanting to know if others have experienced this. I'm not prepared to visit a doctor just yet.

Anyone else have more to say about this RSI issue?
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I think that if it stops you plaing guitar then, a doctor is in order...

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