The last couple of days I've had really sore wrists, so I haven't really been playing for more than acouple hours a day. I think its 'cos i was jackhammering on Sunday for about like 3 hours straight and anyone who jackhammers would know how much that ****s with your wrists.

Anywho, can anyone suggest the best/fastest way to help my wrists?
I agree 100% with stretching and warming up. I would try and take a break when they get sore too, maybe like a 1/2 hour to an hour.
Just give it a bit, it's like how when you're stiff it'll just go away eventually..In the meantime, just THINK about music a lot :p
thanks for your suggestions guys..i guess ill have to give the guitar a few days rest by the looks of things

its gonna be hard though cos thats all i do/think about all day..i gues mp3 player should suffice for a while hehe

oh and also i do stretch and warm up before plaing. started just after i bought the john petrucci dvd

and what do people reckon of hand strngthening equipment?
and dont say "just play more guitar and your hands will get stronger" because yeah i play enough as it is lol
i mean stuff like the gripmaster or even like stress balls like someone said before

PS im right handed and its mainly my left wrist thats sore so its no my beating hand :P lol