Hello everyone,

I have a Marshall avt2000 for sale... It's a nice little 20w tube amp that has a built in pre-amp.

I don't know how much to sell it for so offer up!

Second on the list, I have a white Epiphone SG G-310 with Grover Tuners and Active EMG's (81/85's) installed.

I'm asking 300-325.

I will give pictures upon request.

Both items are in good condition.

I really need to sell these items, I have a baby on the way.

-Daniel (Lakai)
I feel that I should point out, for clarity on the issue, that the AVT amps are not actually valve amps, but hybrids. Hence Advanced Valvestate Technology.

That said, they're decent for what they are.
Can I get pictures of the SG? Will you sell it separately? If so how much shipped to 77044?
Quote by Lakai
that has a built in pre-amp.

All amps have pre amps lol. Otherwise it would just be a power amp.

And the Valvestate/AVT has a Tube pre amp, so its not tube.