Here's the story:

My dad's friend brought his gear to my house. A Gibson Les Paul Standard, a Line 6 Spider III 75 watt amp, and a BOSS GT-8.
He had a really fat, crunchy tone something like Angus Young's fat and crunchy tone but, well, through a Les Paul.

Well I have an Ibanez GAX70, a BOSS ME-50, and a Fender 65DSP amp.
My options are:

-Get an Epiphone LP Standard or Epiphone LP Custom
-Get a BOSS GT-8
-Get a Line6 Spider III 75

I can only choose 1, and I play Classic Rock.
Do not get the Line 6, whatever you do. Take your guitar to a music shop and try it through some amps within your price range and see if any of them are giving you near the tone you want.
What affects the tone the most anyway(in terms of quality)? Amp, guitar or effects?
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The amp. And for just a bit more than the Spider III you were looking at, you could get a Palomino V16. They're said to be good for that classic rock kind of thing, as well as cleans and blues.


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The Palomino's a great little amp, and your amp has the biggest effect on your sound. Blows the Spider away, tone-wise. Those Spiders can seem pretty cool in the shop, or in short stints, but once you settle in with them you realize they suck. No better than you current amp, and probably worse.

A little 15W tuber like the V16 will be loud enough for jamming and small gigs, and do your classic rock needs infinitely better than the Spider.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Please don't get a Spider. I made that mistake and I regret it more than anything.

I agree with the Palomino. I played one at GC and really liked the tone. That plus your ME-50 will give you just what you need.
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Sadly, I can't get a Palomino here in my country. . I can get VOX AC15CC1 though. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the replies btw, you guys are really helping me out,

edit: or Orange amps!
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Well, the AC15 is a step in the right direction. Might not be the kind of sound you're after, but definitely better than the Spider. It can do classic rock, but the crunchy kind of AC/DC sound you are after is more Marshall-style British than Vox-style British. Orange amps, such as the Rocker, are Marshall-like. Whereabouts are you and how much do you have to spend?
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I have around $500 to spend, +250 when i sell my effects OR +300 if i sell my amp. ( i could actually sell it that much here..).

of course, the less I have to spend, the better, right?
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get the Spide, but the 75 watt its got highway 2 hell and back in black presets

Yes, but it also has presets for bleeding ears and dying babies.

If you can get a Peavey Classic 30 where you are, that is what I recommend since you cant get the palomino.
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Yes, but it also has presets for bleeding ears and dying babies.
If you can get a Peavey Classic 30 where you are, that is what I recommend since you cant get the palomino.

+1 on the CL30
go for the GT8... I bought one a year ago and ive ran it through numerous amps with great sound through everything. I personally play through a mesa rectoverb 2x12 but you can dial in almost any speaker cab that you want and shape the tone to no end.