hey everyone

i'm looking 2 get a new amp, something above the 50watts mark, but don't have a whole lot of money 2 spend. I play mainly alternative rock/punk/grunge if that helps

any cheapish, good quality amps i should look at??

thanks in advance for any help
Okay, I need more details.

How much have you got to spend exactly overall, why 50 watts? 30 watts tube is more than enough to gig with.
uuumm i got about 400-500 to spend

i dunno i just want something with alot of power
the size doesn't really matter so much, i just need enough power to comfortably gig with.
Okay, do you practice with a drummer/gig or is it just bedroom practice?

In pretty much every case a tube amp will be the best bet, but if you only a bedroom practice you will probably only want a 5 watter, even that can be too loud for bedroom.
what music do you play? 30w tube is more than enough to gig with, belive me!
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Are you a new guitarist Butler_41?

Keep saving for the time being and try some out yourself.
You'll have more money to spend on better gear.

Hakanku is right though, if you really want a new amp, 30 watts tube is more than enough.
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awesome thanks guys

yeh i play with a drummer & stuff & will soon be looking for a few gigs
i already have a pretty bad like 10 watt amp, that came with my guitar. i've used that a few times when i've been jamming with my drummer but its not heaps loud & when u do tearn it up its just terrible

ok i'll defs look at some 30 watt tubes