Hi guys, few questions about the badass bridge II

Is it worth the money?
What all would it improve?

The bridge that came on my Fender is the vintage bridge. I really dont like it.
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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!

Sustain mainly. Also, i suppose 'setting up' would be easier......but i would look about for reviews, or try and find one on a bass and have a play.

^^^Really dont like that bridge. The BadAss II looks really nice aswel.
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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It'll also be more durable. My old bridge used to get knocked out of whack weekly just because of normal wear. I've hit the Badass into a wall by accident; Result? A chunk of wall on the ground and no harm to the Badass
I have one on my Fender, and the first week I played with it, the sound guy (the sound guy) at my church commented on how much of a difference in tone and sustain he could hear.

So, I'd say it's worth it. It really does make the bass just sound better. The only drawback is that it doesn't come with pre-slotted saddles, so you'd best take it to a luthier for the best results.
yeah I plan on getting my bass set up soon anyway so they could just install it for me.

Thanks for the help guys, looks like its worth the money. I really dont like the vintage bridge at all, I almost switched it for the bridge on my squier but I didnt want my squier to be stuck with a bad bridge lol. The saddles? lower themselves all the time so im always having to adjust it.