this is for you pickup officiandos, I've been wanting an entire replacement pickguard loaded with texas specials for my American strat but the prices are freakin ridiculous. are there any really competetive alternative name brands?... I do like how texas specials sound and would prefer pickups modeled similarly.
rock monkey Pickups, 10% discount to UG members because it is run by a UG member, Cord. He does great hand-wound PuPs that everyone who has tried them raves about.

Stephens Designs are also a good PUP manufacturer.
i have texas specials in my MIA strat, they are good but i agree ridiculously expensive.

have a look at lindy fralins, i've heard them in a strat and they are superb. i think they work out cheaper than texas specials but i'm not 100% sure.

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