(Ok if I wasn't a jerk to you don't read this it doesnt apply to you.)

Ok. So Recently I posted a pretty stupid thread. When some UG'ers replied I though they were trying to be jerks to me. (Now I realize they weren't I just over reacted.) So I poured out a flow of these "*". That was the meanest stuff I have said to anyone.
I'm not really a jerk, I just was really pissed over somthing that day and when I thought some other people were being jerks to me I WAYYYY over reacted. So I am sending out my appology to those I was a jerk to. I'm not really like that. I hope you can forgive me for that totally stupid thing I did. I realize you guys weren't being jerks to me, I put up an extremely vauge and random thread and I feel REALLY stupid.
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