I think I've narrowed it down now and it's between these two amps...

Line 6 Spider III 30 Modeling Combo

Line 6 Spider III 75 Modeling Combo

I've been trying to read guitar center reviews but I can never be sure with them... Almost everything that has a review posted is a five star saying "Great product, Buy it!"

Not helpful

Any comments on these two? More specifically comments about the brand?
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if u want a modelling amp i would go for the roland cube or the valvetronix!! ive never heard good things about that amp in this forum lol
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I have the Spider II 75W...I remember the lower ones sometimes have less features but I don't think that's a problem til you get to the 10-15W range. I'd also check out the VOX AD30VT (or something like that...I forget the abbreviation), apparently it's supposed to have some really nice modeling sounds on it (recalibrates it's circuit config to sound like each amp that it's modeling, sounds pretty good). Anyway, my Spider II works great as odd as that might sound to some people. It obviously has a different tone from something like a Marshall but it was perfect for me as a starter amp, a few effects, some decent amp modeling. Biggest thing is to try before you buy, go to the store and check all the amps out yourself. That's the most beneficial thing you can do.
the roland cubes are the most awesome moddeling amp you can get!! they're extremely versatyle. and dont cost a whole load either

cheaper than the spiders i believe.
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the best thing to do would be not to purchase a line 6 spider 3. Line 6 is a good brand, but these amps are not.

the best amp you could buy in the price range would be a small tube combo like the blackheart. but if you want a modeling, definitely go with a vox a valvetronix they are the best modeling amp on the market, and it will definitely outlast any spider 3 tonewise.
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stay away from those amps.. there are tons of better starter amps. I'm not a fan, but the Valvetronix are good.
Do you need a louder amp or a practice amp? If you want something louder get a Peavey valveking or bandit 112, and if you want a practice amp get a valve junior.


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