Does somebody knows Yorkville? I would like to bay one of them, I thinm its a canadian company, but I really dont know how good they are?
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I used to own a Yorkville 200w combo amp with one 15" back in the day. It was a solid amp.

The one I want its a 400w.....

I've got a Yorkville YBX 1510 cab. It's second hand, used for about 3 years before I got it (I've used it for about a year), and it's still sounding good. All Yorkville stuff is built like a tank.
I got a Yorkvill Bassmaster 50xm, i really like have to agree with the posts above it is solid and sounds great imo

This was the model Mr. Taco had. Sweet combo amp, kinda wish I still had it now.
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This was the model Mr. Taco had. Sweet combo amp, kinda wish I still had it now.

It looks nice. And yes I have seen them and tryed them and the are solid as you say.... So I think that amp will be mine. (Only while I try to get some money for an AMPEG!! HOHO)
I have a 200W Yorkville combo. My only complaint is that it's kind of heavy, and it's just my luck that every where I go to jam is on the second or third floor.
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I own the Yorkville XM100 and the damn thing is build like a tank. Personaly I like my Yorkville beter then my Ampeg BA115 and will proboly last longer too. Best of all, most of their products are very cheap (if you live in Canada).
Yorkville are like the Boss of the amp world, solid sound and built like a ****ing tank.
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i got a 100w combo (blue carpet , i think its an older one. I love it, i must agree with all
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Traynor is also a safe bet, seeing as they are practically the same company. I currently have the Traynor Dynabass 200 combo, and i love it .