Noticed this with my LTD.

I'm using Elixer 11's (but usually using d'addario 11s), Its insanely had to barre high up the neck like 9 or 12th fret and upwards, I can get them barred but the notes don't seem to ring out very well and it seems very hard..

I can barre fine in the middle parts of the neck, appart from the 1st fret of course, thats quite hard, being close to nut which is normal I assume so the main thing is does the relief and action help in how it is when letting strings ring that are higher up the neck?

In my guitar lesson today I asked and he said my action was a bit high but not too high.. i'd like it lower though..
I usually fiddle with my bridge and get that to a height where i don't get excessive buzz then do intonation, but maybe the relief doesn't help? (I have no clue, thats why i'm asking here).

Thanks guys

I love UG for the fact whenever im being a perfectionist or wanting advice or something cleared up I can just come here and make a thread and get really helpful replies.. so thank you all for that.
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What's the scale lenth of your guitar, and what tuning do you use? Because if you have a 25,5 inch scale lenth and use 11s in standard E, barre is gonna be pretty difficult anyway.
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Check your relief but it's probably an action issue. Neck relief will mostly create issues in the lower and middle frets, since that's where the neck bows. Higher up the neck is pretty flat and then becomes an issue of setup at the bridge.
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