its a Gibson SG '61 reissue


1) the owner re-did the finish to white (does this affect anything? sound, etc)

2) theres a crack on the neck/head area like the pic. he states its only on the finish
but what do u guys think?

3) how much is the usual 2nd hand price for a Sg reissue? cheers

its selling for $1000

should i buy it? help me out seriously guys. thanks.
i wouldn't get it. it's quite expensive for what it is and refinishing affects the resonance in a negative way most of the times.
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1. Unless you're Eric Johnson I doubt the finish is really gonna change the sound a whole lot I could be wrong though. Don't quote me on that.

2. Yeah, it looks like the crack is just in the finish. It should be fine.

3. I'm not really sure what the second hand price for one of these bad boys is.
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The red Strat - Refinishing a solid bodied electric guitar would make about 1% difference to the sound. Maybe if it was an acoustic it would matter but I doubt you'd even hear any possible audible difference.

Also you're jumping to conclusions without having barely any info, maybe the guy who refinished it as a pro luthier. You know what making ASSumptions does, right?..

TS - I wouldn't buy it without seeing it in person and taking a good long look at that neck crack, Gibsons are very prone to snapped off headstocks so I'd be wary of any cracking at all in that area an probably not buy it anyway.

Not sure about the price at all.
too much, I wouldn't pay over $800 for one

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