ok I've just bought myself a (I believe a quarter length) accoustic guitar. I must be really stupid cos I aint got a clue which way up I'm supposed to hold it! some videos show it being held one way whilst others another!!

I naturally assume the steel strings (lower tones) would go at the bottom and the nylon/plastic at the top but it feels wrong!

onto the next problem: TABS! when it refers to the numbers 1-7 etc which end does it start? I feel as though I'm learning backwards etc.

Depends on are you left or right handed.

The fat strings are always up either way.
Thick strings go on top. Also, it starts from the headstock (as in, the smaller end. The one where the tuning pegs are).
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You may want to invest in some lessons. It can help with frustration. Let me offer this guide:

Don't take lessons from just anyone. That can put you on the track to furstration and losing interest very quickly. You need to know a few things first:

1. Do you want to play guitar or be a musician?
Just because somebody plays well, doesn't mean they can teach music well.
Ask the person, will they teach you guitar or music. Maybe you want to play and that's what the teacher will teach you. Great. But if you want to be a musician, then you need to learn from a musician.

2. Is this person a teacher? I know a lot people who can read and write well, but they can't teach Shakespeare. Just because they can play well, doesn't mean they can teach well. Look for music teacher ie they went through a music education program. There are teachers out there who can teach extremely well and never had any formal teaching education, but it's difficult. Packaging and presenting material with checks for understanding, guided practice, and correct pacing is very complex. Most people think they can do it - most people are so wrong.

3. Interview three teachers, ask them a lot of questions or even pay for a first lesson. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. And if it isn't working out talk to your teacher about your needs and if neccessary, change teachers (but give it some time first).

4. Will you stick to it? Too many players of all ages get frustrated and drift away. If it what you want to do, make a committment. Write down a set of three short term goals and a set of 3 long term goals. Post them where you can see them everyday and post them in your practice area. You should change you short term and long term goals as you accomplish them. (keep the old ones so you can mark your progress). Examples are as follows:

Short term: Learn the solo to Stairway, become proficient in X scale mode, practice 1/2 hour every day

Long Term: Play a live concert, become proficient enough with the modes to create complex solos, compose a complete song with lyrics and two guitar parts.

I hope this helps a little.

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If you're right handed, the curve in the guitar's body should go over your right thigh and vice versa. As shown below:

However if you're playing classical guitar, the curve will go over your left leg and the bit at the end will sit between your legs.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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IMHO, If you hold your guitar with the "classical method", you will find it easier to play standing up without having to adjust your posture. The frets will also be a little closer to your face, making it easier to play when starting out.

Have fun!
I figured it out! the problem I had was I had was I thought string 6 was at the bottom not the top!!! I found a diagram as well


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