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With me and my bro on guitar, SC350 on the vocals and Johnny on bass!
Sounds pretty good, it thought the vocals in particular were really great.
Funny words.
This surprise me, I wasn't expecting much but found this to be a great cover. The guitar has a nice tone and is played well. The bass is a tad loud on the low end but sounds aggressive. The vocals could use a just a tiny bit of work in pitch, but considering the song their great. When my band played this I really had to strain to sing the chorus. Your vocalist did a great job singing the song, the only criticism I could give him is to try and sing naturally and by that I mean try not to imitate the singer. For all I know this is how he normally sings but it sounds like a Cobain impersonator. The solo was okay, but the last part of it was slightly off.

This is overall excellent, keep up the good work!
really good overall but I agree with some of the other posts the singer could've focused less on sounding like kurt, but the singing was good though and the guitar playing and tone were great.

Don't know if this is your kind of music but could you check any of these out comment on youtube if you have it.

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The reverb on the vocals is much too much at certain parts of the song.
The guitar in the beginning sounds very digital, and it sounds like both guitars used digital effects.
The singing's too clear for a Nirvana song :P
Singer doesn't hit every pitch, but it fits in this song, so I guess it's not a negative point.

I like what the soloist did with the timing.
Solid instruments.

Overall: 8.5/10
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Pretty good overall. I liked the guitars and their tone best. I would say back off the effects on the vocals. Way too much reverb and what sounds like flange. Your singer has a good voice, no need to cover them up. Nice dude. You would really get people going if you played this at a gig.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=769495
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Great cover!
I also found your sanitarium cover, that was insanely good
Pretty good man. I like your tone man. The quality or recording is great. Playing is perfectly done. How did you make the drums?

oh and C4C?

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Thanks guys. I used drumkit from hell for the drums, I would really recommend it to all bedroom guitarists.