Hi... been playing for a month, mostly working on scales. Just turning my attention to chords and inevitably when fingering them i'm plonking one finger down first then the next then the next... kinda one, two three... i know things will improve, but:

For you guys who can change chords at speed, have you gotten to the level where all the fingers come down in unison at the appropriate frets or is it that there'll still always been an element of placing one finger down first followed quickly by the others?

Just wondering what's achievable and what i should be working up to... thanks.
I've been playing for over a year and my fingers come down in unison (though some tricky chords I could be a little faster). It just takes time and practice.

The one thing about guitar that you must remember is that learning it can be strange. One day, you wouldn't be able to do something no matter how hard you try, the next day you can do it just fine. Though that one day can take several months.
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Remember when doing chords that you put your fingers down from top to bottom, that way chord changing is faster, since you can start struming before all your fingers are down.
A month is nothing, I reckon it'll be close to 6 months before your hands actually start to feel like the guitar is supposed to be there. Up until then just keep plugging away, you get there eventually.
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