I went to guitar center today just to look around and I saw a lot of guitars with big gashes and dings in them. I pointed them out and they took them off the wall as if this is the first time some one mentioned it. BE CAREFUL!!!!
dude...theyre floor models...people abuse them...thats y they dont change the guitars this way the crappy ones stay crappy and they keep the good guitars good...everyone nos u dont buy a floor model
And to think, all these players are going to all these guitar stores to buy guitars that they have played and tried out. But you have informed me that you can play a floor model and say "that's the one I like" and have them go in the back and get an entirely different guitar.
Or should you have them keep bringing out all the stock guitars for you to try, thus making them floor models?
try going to a pawn shop, theres no floor models there. just guitars

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I prefer to take the floor model, personally. I'm willing to sacrifice a couple scratches for the guitar I truly want. It's the tone that counts anyway.
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yeah, but people bitch about gibsons sucking, when its people that play them at guitar center that are abused, or knowing somebody that bought an abused floor model.... gibson doesnt make a bad product, its the players that make them what they are
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try going to a pawn shop, theres no floor models there. just guitars

Only problem is that 99/100 times there are no Gibsons there or anything even close. Just ****ty starter guitars people have sold.

If only we lived in 1959, where a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard was a "starter guitar...."
Mine was a floor model. I told them specifically not to bring me out a different one. I wanted the exact one in my hands.
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