Hey guys, i'm having some trouble with this song... It's supposed to be chaotic and weird, but i don't know if it's working out ok... It's nowhere near finished, but i'd like some crits now before i continue writing, i just have to know if it's worth it...

grtz & crit4crit.
I find your ideas seem rather scattered.
Do you use a BR-600?
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i'd crit if there was a midi o_o"

or powertab :P but i think thats asking a little much.
i think you should stop it there

then make a part 2 thats like completely normal

then a part 3 that combines the 2

itd be epic [id be able to help mor if you had gp =p]
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I love it so far. I couldn't see what was going on because I don't have the latest version on GP on this computer. I liked the little clean parts. I also like 0:58.

It was a little random at times, but yeah, it was supposed to be like that. Good job so far.
i loved it. 9.5/10 it was seemingly random but still melodic, great crossover. you got any other songs?
lol this is like too random lol and you've got these random solos lol its pretty wicked but some of it makes sence and some of it doesn't like the beginning when the that sliding guitar comes in. you should make it so that it makes some sort of sence. I suggest you stop it there and correct what you got.
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I really enjoyed this. I wish I could see what was happening, but I don't have the latest GP version.

I don't know if you're wanting the whole song to be chaotic or not, but what you have posted seems like a good spot to end that and go into a more organized, brutal song.

Good job so far either way.

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You really like your Experimenting don't you?
So do i, i like it a lot, like most of your songs on UG. It was very random in places, i didn't like the bells at the start, but the riffs were fast and aggressive.
i think it was said earlier but after that chaotic part 1 should be a calm, clean part 2 that is really easy top listen to, and then go back to normal for the finish.

At the moment 8.5/10, but it will be much more when it is finished.

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