I cant decide which I was deciding to buy a guitar for about 200-500 dollars maybe a SG or a Shecter. Or should i get amp about 200 dollars no more than 250. and just save the rest for a new guitar
I know you have the cheap starter amp so keep saving and buy a good amp!
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well as of now i have a Les Paul Specail player 2 i got it for christmas. Then i got a **** amp tht came with it. But see the thing is tht i was deciding just to wait a little longer to get a 200 vox amp i think it is a AD15VT. THe guitar i want badly is a Shecter my neighbor had one and i fell in love with it. But i wanted to get a SG G-400 with EMGs. Wht would be your opinion.
guitar before amp i say and so does about 10 people at the guitar store ill tell you why the amp doesn't make you happy when playing its the guitar and how smooth you can play on it i suggest you save up and not waste your money on anything around that id say for a vox ad30vt they are good for gigging and louded and if your putting them through the pc system thats good.

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amp makes more tone diffrences than guitars as for distortion just buy a pedal... if your dads amp is great then use that with said distortion pedal and get a guitar but if you dont like amp tone get an amp
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