E blues Minor...should sound nice hehe
I dont know what your excepting, but that should sound nice
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Theoretically speaking, that isn't much of a progression. Generally, if you are going to sweep over something, you would sweep the arpegio of the chord you are playing over. Sweeping over this would be pretty difficult. If I were you, I'd go with a nice chord progression. However, if you really like the sound of this riff, good luck.
you can do just about everything here, you might start out with 2 bars of b major, and go into b dominant, but you could just al well tackle the whole thing with b minor (start melodic, end in natural) heck you can even go from major to minor.. and well, e minor would be the classic choice right, especially in a rock-context.. i'd redirect it into d major, in bar 3 though, but thats your choice.. and you might substitute it with a G# (dom) chord, for a little extra tension to strengthen your release.. or a little less tension when you don't go for e minor after all..

and when you've chosen that, you can even use just about any substitution arpeggios..

i even think an altered (shifted) arpeggio leading to a simple major-resolution or a diminished (this one might even work un-shifted, but i'd **** it either way) substitution leading into a melodic minor phrase would sound surprisingly good
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