Hi everyone,

I recently bought a dean razorback from ebay, and it came with a pewter bar. I think its called that, its the kind that you swivel into the guitar, like a fender stratocaster.

Anywho I reached the threshold of the threading (I'm assuming) with the whammy bar to where it wouldn't tighten anymore, and accidentally went a bit further. Now its really tight and I can move it wherever I want, I just can't remove it from the guitar.

It's actually nice because I have more control over the bar now, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm damaging the guitar.

Is there any way to fix this? Anyone have a link I can go to, or have experienced this problem before that can provide some insight?

Thanks Again,
i have a FBD and where the whammy goes in if you screw in it to tight you gotta get a wrench and hold the nut where it screws in and then unscrew the whammy. Hope that helps if thats what your asking.
Thanks for the tip.
Instead of holding the nut, though, I just pushed on the guitar while unscrewing, it worked, and was easier imo.

As for whether its cheap, I kind of like it, but maybe its because its a lot easier to push/pull than my Jackson...

Anywho, thanks for the tip, and this issue is resolved, *whew*.