I played a ltd D4 along with a Ampeg BA-115t at a guitar store, because I was originally thinking about buying that amp, i kinda fell in love with the bass also. my main question, is what are your overall thoughts on this bass and is there any camparable basses same quality. i play from funk to hardcore music so im really looking for an all round bass with good lows and good for bass soloing and breakdowns.
ok i was looking around on musicians friend and i came across the bad reviews for the ba-115 and then i stumbled upon an Ashdown Electric Blue 15-180 and the testimonials make it seem awesome. so i might look more into that, what do you guys think?
Only problems I've heard from the ba 115 is that the Horn is terrible, and it makes a lot of noise. However there are many other cons, the Controls offer MUCH to be desired (there's only Bass, Mid, and Treble) and if you're looking to gig, it won't be loud enough.
yes ill be giging thats why i was looking at the ashdown, ill look at the carvin amps now, pretty much under $500 is what im looking for. what about the ltd d4 bass guys heard anything?
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The Ashdown Blue series are less than 100 watts out of the box. Something like 85 I'd imagine.

the one i was looking at is 180 watts
If you want that Generic Rock tone, Ashdown is where its at. Not really knocking ashdown, they're just not versatile enough for me. They do produce a good tone, and are recommendable because of their price, but the tone just isn't for me.
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the one i was looking at is 180 watts

And I highly recommend it. If it IS the Electric Blue 180 you're going for get the 15" speaker version rather than the 12".

I've got no complaints with this amp so far and have used it for several gigs where it's held it's own.
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the one i was looking at is 180 watts

You're right, it's 180 watts... at 4 ohms. But out of the box I'm 99.5% positive that the amp is 8 ohms and therefore, more likely running around 85-100 watts.