Well I am a bassist and I made my first riff, I think it sounds pretty cool (especially in distortion). My brother is a novice at guitar, and he has no confidence in righting, but if I make a riff, he might play along (or I can get a friend to play). Then my other brother is a beast at drums so that is covered.

But if anyone can give ideas for changes, or an idea for a guitar line, tell me!


A hint, the only note you don't hold on, is the first one (make it staccato). The rest with a big space you hold. Sort of fast tempo. O yeah, if you know anything about bass scales, this is based off of a minor "blues" pentatonic scale.

Thanks, Sam
play a sequence of power chords over top of the firstpart of the riff with d ,f,g slide up to a then repeat d,f,g,c,d

i started playing it...then i screwed up, and it sounded cool, and i tweaked it, and now i made a jazzy riff. i'm not exactly sure if this is what you were looking for, or whether it will actually fit (lol xD) but here's the riff. do with it what you want ;D
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thats kindof cool...but if you play guitar...plz try this out...

I'm making improvements...The tab is now in 4/4, with one "-" being an eight note (not including the numbers...so 7-5--...would be eight quarter...).


and i added a guess for a guitar melody...now way to know if it is good...cause i don't even play a guitar so someone help me...

First measure: Dminor on the first note, Dminor on the second note, Fminor on the third note, and GMajor on the last note.

Second measure: Dminor on the first note, Dminor on the third note, CMajor7th on the fourth and AFlatMajor on the last note.

If you don't get that...ask me for me details...but guitarists try that out...keeping in mind a D minor pentatonic scale.

Tell me how it sounds...