I want something new now that my S is coming back, and it's fully tricked out for the most part. What's next? I was contemplating.

Budget - $400-650. Used is an option.

- HH, or HSS.
- If **** stock pickups, more near $400. If it has aftermarket ones (SD, Dimarzio), near $650.
- Low, low, low action.
- If a locking bridge, needs to be an OFR, ZR, or a stable Edge. Tune-o-matic is a good option.
- Deep, powerful tone, something that'll sound clear even when I play metal.

Anything? I was thinking maybe one of the new Ibanez Iceman models, a used RG5xx, maybe a HSS or HH S if I can find one.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom maybe.
Jackson DKMG used
EC-500 or 1000
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epi les paul custom or schecter hellraiser or tempest. Maybe even a jaguar HH, theyre really nice. Your call
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