Okay, I'm almost 100% sure this is in the wrong thread, but its the closest I could find.
Anyway, can anyone tell me how to put my guitar into the tuning that shadows fall use?
I want to know, because I'm going to be learning some of their songs.
for their earlier stuff (anything before Threads of Life), put the guitar down a full step, which would read DGCFAD on a chromatic tuner. then, tune down the low E string an additional step, so it'll be CGCFAD (Drop C). it's basically Drop D, but a step down. on Threads of Life, some of the songs are in Drop D, others a step down, and some in Drop C as well.
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Fred Durst is the Tom Green of music

No, some people actually like Tom Green.

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I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
They use more than one.

For instance, off the latest album (Threads of Life) Redemption is in drop D tuning.

But then Another Hero Lost is in D standard tuning.

I haven't tried to work out any of the others as I haven't had the album very long at all, but they probably have used other tunings too in previous songs.