So im getting a new one (for free)

I cant belive it, it was completely ****ed up, check out these pics:

It's under warrenty. Just call 'em and let 'em know that you got ripped.
Wow...that sucks.

Do you get to keep the broken guitar too?
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You should be able to send it back if you got it from a shop. Or if it had postage insurance claim on it
Hmmmm.... Tuning now might be a problem. So whats the body (of the guitar) look like?

Oh, and to help ya out here, use DuctTape. Some nails might be handy too.
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i think you are the type that buys a guitar, smashes it, then complains and gets a new one.
I bet that thing sounded like ****.
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oh i kept the broken guitar too but i doubt its worth repairing as its pretty ****ed and would need fixing, new strings etc..
lol its not worth fixing it needs new strings lol thats hilarious the strings are the least of your worries
its my first guitar too, i'm a beginner and this was my first guitar...

what a nice welcome way to guitars!
send me the broken one then, i'll fix it lol
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that happened to me before...twice. the first was a jackson rr30, the second was an epiphone acoustic. Both were in bulletproof hardcases, which means the jackasses that pack them put broken guitars into cases.
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Call up the company and be like "I just got my guitar in the mail today and I just noticed something. You and my guitar have something in common, they both will have broken necks."
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oh i kept the broken guitar too but i doubt its worth repairing as its pretty ****ed and would need fixing, new strings etc..

Got a few clamps and some epoxy? Thats probably the easiest fix you could do on a guitar.
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Yeah, one time i put my schecter acoustic/electric in my hercules stand, walked away, somehow it tipped and broke just like yours, warrenty didnt cover it but 7 screws and jb weld did, and now it looks more badass (in a shi**y way)
looks like you need new strings.
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