So I finally figured out how to read the circle of fifths lol and I was wondering lets say the song is in C,I know you can go to F or G but can you only play those three or can you continue in either direction?
Example C G D A?

And how to I play flats and sharps,give me an example of a chord for each please.
C F G is one type of progression. there are a lot of other ones though. i dont know them but they use say like the IV or vii of a scale. if it is a sharp or flat and you dont know it there is nothing wrong with using a bar chord. there is a couple columns and lessons about this type of stuff i think.
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Well, play an F barre chord. Now, move everything up 1 fret, and you have an F# barre chord, or a Gb barre chord. They are the same thing, but named differently depending on which key you are in.
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You can go wherever you want with it, there are no "rules" and you don't have to do exactly what the circle of fifths says. However it is a good guide line when looking for chord progressions etc.
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Im still confused.

If I want to go from C to B would it be ok?

Anything is "okay", but if you wanted to play in the key of C then you cannot play the B chord.

Diatonic (in a key) chords are based on scale tones, so while you're looking at the circle of fifths you still have a lot to learn. Look at scale construction, understand why going from C - F - G is in key, but then going to D Major is out of key. Theory is a long road but well worth the effort.