$520 out the door from Sam Ash, brand nizzew! They had a 15% off today that I took advantage of, I decided I'd rather pay more for new to get the warranty, the brand new tubes, and of course not have to worry about anything being already broken.

The thing is excellent, really great distorted sound, I'm lovin' it! One thing though, I've messed around with settings from the Ultimate Settings Thread, but there is not one for Tommy Shaw, can you guys help me dial in his tone?


Listen to the solo please, Tommy is the one singing.

Also, with Pre and Post, how do I determine the level of gain going on? How exactly do those work, please explain?
Pre controls the amount of gain and post is volume

Welcome to the club, its a great amp
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Mm hmm... There's actually a classic 30/50 thread, and I just posted a pic in it. Check it out! It should be a few threads below.
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