does anyone have a good valvetronix setting for rush preferably'' working man''. i looked on www.valvetronix.net and there is only one and it's for the tone lab. i just cant get it to sound as good as i would like.
thats where im at but it just doesn't seem to be enough gain or something. I dont know. anyone have any actual settings
What kinda guitar you got?
On my epiphone les paul, i find that the UK 70's tone terribly muddy and as you said, not gain-y enough. Try UK 80's and dial back the gain a bit. Also, i think plenty of bass helps, but i'm not sure.
i have an epi sg (g400) with a pearly gates bridge and a 59 neck. i'll try the 80's. i just watched a live vid of the sond and he was using hughes and kettner heads. im not even sure where to start for their tones?
Hm..i'm not quite sure...I've only listened to a few rush songs myself.
But the UK 80's with the gain dialed back gives me a a nice "Working Man" tone. The UK 70's model on my AD30VT sounds terribly muddy and not nice (maybe my stock epi pups).
Btw, how are the seymour duncan's? i'm thinking of swapping the pups myself
they are great with the vox but i love them through my buddies jtm 45 bluesbreaker, the tone is amazing..... i think im prety close with the uk80's but the high gain isnt too bad either