Hello the bass forum

I'm currently looking for a new cab (or two) to go with the head I recently bought (Markbass LM II). I have a few ideas of what kind of cabs I think I want, but I wanted to submit the ideas to the all-knowing bass forum to get a second opinion on my plans, suggestions of other cabs, all that kind of stuff.

My head is 500 watts at 4 ohms, or 300 watts at 8 ohms, and with that in consideration, here are some of the cab options I've been thinking of:

1) A single 4x10, 4 ohms (most probably a Markbass 104HF to match the head I have)

2) A 2x12 (maybe an Eden D212XLT), and a 2x10 (undecided, thinking of this Markbass) (I'm worried that the 2x10 might be drowned out, hence option 3)

3) A 2x12, and a 4x10

Thats the 3 options I have been thinking of. Feel free to suggest other cabs, and for that, here is some criteria.
TONE: I want an articulate tone (we're talking ear-splitting clarity. I like to be able to very distinctly hear what I am playing, as well as feeling it), as well as some spleen-shattering punch and lows that you can feel (I'm thinking that front ports might help to get the lows I want).

SPECS: Weight is a serious consideration for me, around 30kg, maybe as high as 35kg (bout 65 to 80 pounds, if my conversion is correct). Cost, preferably less than $1500 AUD, but definately no more than $2000 AUD per cab. I'd rather not order from overseas (unless it is through a local guitar store). One 4ohm cab, OR two 8ohm cabs. If it's an 8ohm cab, preferably between 300-500 watts (I dont wanna get a 1000 watt 8ohm if I can only use a quarter of that power....headroom is good, but 750 watts of headroom seems obscene to me )
I think thats all..

So if you have any ideas, criticisms, suggestions, etc, please fire away. One of our operators is waiting for your call. Or your abuse.
I own that markbass cab you are talking about. A lot of people complain that it's "boxy" but to my ears it sound lovely paired with the LMII (which I also have). It gets stupidly loud and it doesn't weigh a ton.
avatar have...exactly what I want, and for obscenely cheap. They don't ship to australia though...

I know nothing about avatar cabs what other brands do they compare to?
Markbass basically offer a 2x10, 4x10, 1x15, and 6x10 in two different flavours, HR and HF.

HF is front ported (F for front). HR is rear ported (R for rear). For comparison, 104HF, and the 104HR
Don't ask me what the 'H' stands for. For all I know, it could stand for He-man.
Kevn, they don't compare to anyone. They're in a league of their own. You remember that stuff that's been going on about Carvin stuff being cheap? Imagine that, but MORE. They actually don't make very much money at all on cabs sold. Not even enough to think that there is money being made. But, they sell a lot, and hope that customers will advertise for them (you will never see an avatar ad). This results in no people to pay for advertising, and the ability to make very cheap, very high quality gear. They are also the only company to use exclusively neodymium magnets; the wave of the future. These cabs probably don't compare to "name-brand" cabs in their range. Try doubling the price and then comparing cabs. That's more like it.