hmmmm... that looks like a melody maker...
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This will end up costing me about 160 dollars, and I've always wanted a junior. I already have a mexi strat, I just want to test this out. Does any body have this and can you tell me what you think?

Just wanted to clarify, since you just said "junior":

Please note: This is a full size guitar. It measures 38 1/2" in total length. The JR and the end of the model indicated it is a "flat top". As opposed to our arch top models, such as the GG1 STD or Agile AL-2000.
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Just wanted to clarify, since you just said "junior":

Yeah, I meant like as in an lp junior or something
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Alright, I just like to state the obvious whether it's needed or not. =]


On a serious note, Ive been looking into getting one as well. Apperently they are made from decent wood but there are a lot of people complaining that there is a lot of exess glue left around the neck joint. Also Ive seen pictures of some serious finish flaws (that was on a tvy model). The only thing I dont like about it personally is the fact that the two pickups are the same and dont hum cancel.

For the price I dont think you can go wrong, deffinately a fixer upper from what I hear.