hey guys, i have been getting a wierd fast wah sound on my guitar, even when playing a single note. I have tracked it down to being my Licensed Floyd Rose, if you hold the wammy bar slightly down, and play your guitar you will get the sound im getting. Basically what i did was this. It wasnt making the sound, so i got my whammy bar out and moved it up and down a few times, took the whammy bar out, and bam my guitar was making the wah sound. So i push on the rose with my hand, and move it up and down just a small amount, and that completely gets rid of it.... any ideas? it just started doing this one day. i also have my springs dampened.
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sure you're not high?

jk cant help u here. maybe your intonation is off or feedback maybe?
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i still think the pickups are too close to the strings
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because the other one is way back there. This time i actually have found the problem. The pickups arent to close, ive backed them way down, didn't change anything other than make a warmer sound, the problem still existed.
yeah exactly, its not centering. Do you think an extra spring would fix it?
Maybe take it to a shop. better safe then sorry.

you probobly shouldnt try messing around with your Bridge, Intonation, Pickups, Springs and all that yourself unless you know exactly what your doing. shouldnt cost you that much either.