I was wondering if any of you have had this problem. When I sweep I can sweep up fine, but when I sweep down I start to pick out notes rather than sweep them. Seem as no matter how hard I try and practice it I can't get the technique of down sweeping down. Tips?

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1 - This sort of thing is more suited to the advanced technique forum.

2 - Slow down. I know you've probably heard it before but if you still can't get it then you're not going slow enough; you need to slow down until you can get it right and then just repeat it until you no longer have to think about what your hand is doing. Then and only then should you speed up again.
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Practice slowly and focus on making sure that your picking hand is doing the sweeping motion insted of picking out the notes
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This makes sense. When most first learn guitar, on their own, they pick downwards. Later they can find to alternate pick/ economy pick. However, due to the initial down picking that you've done when you go to sweep down you fall back into this down picking which is still embedded somewhere in your brain. Same stuff posted above still applies, just take it slow.
When you sweep downstrokes, after hitting one string naturally your pick stops on the next string. You just have to create the same habit, when you do it upstrokes. To do that you probably will have to change the angle of your wrist.
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Its important you're getting a preper arm motion. I don't know what the recommended arm position is, but I usually either keep my wrist in one place, tip of my little finger pressed against the body and most of the motion comes from my thumb and index finger, or, I move my whole arm and keep my hand in one position.
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